Understanding the KMA Difference

KMA Remarketing® Corporation offers the highest quality reupholstery services. Our technicians, with over 30 years industry experience, can restore your equipment, giving you a like new product at an economical price. 


KMA Remarketing® is registered with the state of Pennsylvania under the Bedding and Upholstery Law. When a piece comes in to be reupholstered, it goes through a specific process. The technician begins by removing the existing upholstery. The foam is then inspected and any necessary repairs are completed. Next, the piece is treated with a Sterifab with tracer solution. Sterifab is precisely engineered to do the following: destroy micro-organisms, kill fungus and viruses, kill mold and mildew, destroy pathogenic odors, kill germs, and disinfect. A precise pattern is created and new
flame-retardent, medical-grade fabric with  anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties
is cut and sewn to match exact specifications. The new upholstery is applied and then securely stapled in place. 

Our technicians meticulously ensure there are no creases or folds where bacteria can manifest. In accordance with Pennsylvania law, our technicians then attach a yellow “Renovated” tag certifying that the contents have been disinfected. 

Call our Biomedical Service Department at  (814) 503-7383 and obtain a free estimate on your next reupholstery project! Ask about our equipment loan program to minimize your downtime!

Reupholstered Procedure Chairs

Reupholstered Procedure Chairs

Did You Know...?


Pennsylvania requires a license/registration to reupholster?

The Bedding & Upholstery Law is enforced by the Bureau of Occupational & Industrial Safety and relates to consumer protection. The law requires persons such as renovators, auctioneers, secondhand dealers and rental dealers who deal with used or renovated bedding and upholstered furniture to register with the Department. They are required to put a yellow tag on a secondhand or renovated article. This yellow tag informs the consumer that the article is not new; however, the article has been properly disinfected before being made available for sale or rental.  


KMA Remarketing® only uses Medical Grade Vinyl.

The Fabric is:

  • Flame-Retardant
  • Anti-Bacterial
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Available in six colors

Morbern DURATION Furniture Upholstery Vinyl Fabric is a solid contract vinyl that gives new meaning to luxury, style, and performance in vinyl. The MOR GUARD protection makes this fabric resistant to bacteria and stains. It is 100% virgin vinyl and has an abrasion test rating of 60,000 double rubs. A double rub rating applicable to fabric used for upholstery is obtained from an industry test that measures the fabric resistance to typical abrasion that is expected from normal use. A 30,000 Double Rub Rating and above or code “HD” is suitable for commercial upholstery subjected to “extreme use.”

Refurbished and Reupholstered Table

Meticulous Attention to Detail

  • All old upholstery is removed.  We NEVER reupholster over the old material.
  • All surfaces are treated with Sterifab. Once treated, it is stored in an area away from untreated pieces so there is no cross contamination.
  • Exact patterns are created and precisely cut to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Technicians ensure there are no creases or folds and securely staple vinyl.